RoboCup Autonomous Robot Manipulation Challenge

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Participants are tasked with completing a recycling task with a robot manipulator in a dynamic environment. Robot manipulation and grasping are important skills for most robotic applications. This challenge aims to provide a leveled playing field for RoboCup participants and student teams to research and demonstrate their skills regarding manipulation perception and control in a simulated environment and later transport those algorithms to commercial robots. Teams will implement perception and control algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink to grasp and manipulate bottles, cans, and detergent pouches within a table to classify them into two bins. Points are awarded based on the performance of the algorithm in new environments.

Finalists will be invited to RoboCup 2023 to participate in person programming a real-robot set-up featuring a Franka Emika robot. Even if you are uncertain about participation, feel free to pre-register to obtain more information about the challenge and to stay involved in this initiative in the future. Note that Pre-registration is not a commitment to actual participation and final registration.

Organizing Committee

Luca Iocchi (RoboCup Federation)

Alex Mitrevski (RoboCup@Home)

Leander Bartsch  (RoboCup@Work)

Jose Avendaño (MathWorks) 

Industry Partners


*Note: Invitation to finals does not include registration and travel expenses

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All teams must pre-register.


Additional Information

Winners from RoboCup 2022: UOS Robotics (200 Points Scored)


Winners from RoboCup 2021: CeimtunRAS